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The London Footwear Guide to Caring For Your Shoes

London Footwear brings a fresh burst of shower and a much-needed retreat from the hot summers. But it also takes the maintenance of our shoes to another level. All those puddles, wet mud and sudden downpours mean nothing less than an actual nightmare for your footsies. As they are the ones to withstand the worst of the rainy season, it’s imperative that you take proper care of them. So, here are some effective tips, techniques and lifesaving hacks that will make sure the winter passes by effortlessly without causing much damage to your precious footwear.

Polishing and brushing

As basic as it sounds, we often forget the age-old habit of polishing or brushing shoes as we used to do back in school. But during the winter season, it’s of utmost importance that you use a good quality shoe wax or polish that will not only keep your shoes looking good but also protect them from unwanted moisture. Similarly, brushing off dirt and mud from shoes is very important. but make sure the mud has dried off completely as trying to brush off damp mud is a lost cause.

Keeping them dry

This is a prerequisite and it should be ensured that all the shoes are dried off well under the fan before storing them. If shoes remain wet, they will attract fungus and emit a bad smell. As important as giving the outside of the shoes enough time to breathe back to life, it’s equally important to treat the insides well as they are more likely to decay. To prevent this, stuff paper napkins or newspapers inside the shoes and even sprinkle some talcum powder to absorb any moisture that may be present as inner moisture can cause fungal growths on your feet.

Maintain their shape

Maintaining the look of your shoes, especially the formal ones, can be quite taxing in the rainy season. To maintain the crisp and perfect look of your footwear, you can make use of shoe trees. These are generally made from solid wood mostly cedar and they help in absorbing moisture and preventing shoe odour. Thus, investing in a good quality shoe tree is will reward you with clean and well-shaped shoes.

Efficient storage

Storing shoes in an appropriate manner can really prove to be beneficial in the long run. A correct storage space should be kept clean and dry always so that it doesn’t result in a breeding ground for fungus and germs. A dehumidifier does just that when placed in your shoe cabinet. It absorbs the humidity in the air keeping the atmosphere dry and not letting the fungus to get to your leather. For additional protection, keep your shoes in a cloth cover prior to placing them in the boxes or on the rack. Also, the shoe cabinet should be cleaned at least once a month.

Treating fungal growth

Despite being extra careful, fungus may now and then tend to find a way to get to your best shoes during rain, and you must provide your shoes with the best possible treatment. On being infested with fungus, you must clean your shoes using an old toothbrush dipped in soap solution. Make sure to reach every nook and corner and get rid of all the fungus. You can also dry them in the sunlight that will do the job equally well. But remember not to overlook this issue, as that might lead to permanent damage to your footwear!

Now that you know the importance of regular cleaning and good storage, especially during the rainy months, we are sure your shoes are a lot safer. So, you can be a tad less worried and enjoy the rains to your heart’s liking!